Historical hotel in Gudhjem


Since 1872, this historical hotel in Gudhjem has welcomed the town’s guests to an unforgettable Gudhjem stay. Mrs. Jantzen, who gave her name to the hotel, still greets the hotel’s guests from her place on the reception wall. May she (and we) also welcome you?

An extraordinary Gudhjem hotel

JANTZENs HOTEL has a unique charm and historical atmosphere with an authentic decor that we strive to preserve, respecting the hotel’s 150-year history. Therefore, we carefully seek to update and renovate this beautiful “old lady” to meet modern expectations and functionality.

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Jantzens Hotel udefra
Jantzens Hotel postkort gårdhave og hotel

You are staying at a historical hotel

During your Gudhjem stay at JANTZENs HOTEL, you will clearly feel the whispers of history throughout the entire hotel. You can’t help but notice it as soon as you arrive at the splendid old main building, the timber-framed annexes, the courtyard with the rock wall, flower beds, and sandstone terraces, and the pavilion with its large small-paned windows. And when you step inside the reception, lounge, corridors, and finally the rooms – everywhere you encounter vintage and antique furnishings and decorations.

It all began in 1872 as the first Gudhjem hotel

For the first 30 years, the hotel had a fluctuating existence. First known as Hotel Gudhjem, then as Hotel Jylland and Hotel Rasmussen before Anna and Carl Jantzen arrived in December 1902 and named the hotel after themselves. The Jantzen family operated the hotel until 1962 when the Sørensen family took over until 2018. It was then purchased by Andi, who ran it until 2022 when the current owners took over.

Jantzens Hotel da det hed Hotel Gudhjem
Jantzens Hotel Familien Jantzen i haven

Carl & Anna Jantzen

Carl Jantzen had previously been a traveling salesman, and Anna Jantzen worked as a cook at hotels. From photos and stories at the Gudhjem Museum, it is clear that Anna Jantzen took care of the hotel’s operations, although both are referred to as hotel owners. It is largely Anna Jantzen who, during her 47 years at the hotel, created the JANTZENs HOTEL that you encounter today. It must also be Anna Jantzen who, according to rumors, persuaded Oluf Høst to paint room numbers directly on the doors of JANTZENs HOTEL.

Gudhjem rallied behind

With the Jantzens’ takeover of the hotel, some of the town’s leading citizens took the initiative to create the Tourist Association to assist the guests who came to the town. A bathhouse was built at Melsted Beach, paths were laid out in the forest, benches were set up with great views and in cozy corners. Fishermen took guests to the Helligdomsklipperne. Others drove them in horse-drawn carriages. It was the humble beginnings of tourism in Gudhjem – without today’s restaurants and shops. Back then, Gudhjem accommodation offered relaxation, a daily swim, an evening stroll to Bokul, or an evening coffee and sunset at the new Hotel Salene.

Jantzens Hotel gæster køres fra færge i hestevogn
Jantzens Hotel Emmy og Jonas Jantzen

Emmy & Jonas Jantzen

In 1949, Anna Jantzen passed away, and her daughter Emmy Jantzen and son Jonas Jantzen took over the hotel and continued to run it. After the old annex (up the stairs behind the garden) burned down in 1955, it was Emmy and Jonas Jantzen who built the new annex building, which can still be seen above the courtyard’s cliff but is no longer part of the hotel.

Want to know more?

Just think about all the things this beautiful Gudhjem hotel has seen and experienced over the past 150 years. The stories it could tell us. If you’d like, step into the lounge, where we’ve framed old photos from the hotel. And in the reception, you’ll find a portrait of Anna Jantzen hanging there. You might find it amusing to take a look as well.

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See the historical Gudhjem Museum archive, from where these lovely old pictures have been borrowed.

Jantzens Hotel privaten maleri Anna Jantzen