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Just 3-4 hours away from most parts of the country, the island of Bornholm, Gudhjem and the cozy JANTZENs conference hotel are ready to make your meeting or conference a truly special experience as an active meeting participant. Contact us now for a quote.

A unique conference hotel

Whether it’s a one-day meeting or a multi-day conference, you are welcome at JANTZENs HOTEL in Gudhjem, Bornholm. Here, the green hall, beautiful pavilion, unique courtyard, and individual rooms provide a cozy setting with a charming, authentic, and relaxed atmosphere

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Konference hotel Bornholm charmen i gårdhaven
Konference hotel til nye ideer

Achieve new goals at this charming meeting hotel

When you invite your colleagues, executives, partners, or participants to a meeting, conference, or course with an overnight stay at Jantzens Hotel, it creates excellent opportunities for participants to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. When familiar surroundings change, the brain can also think in new ways. This makes the surroundings and the destination of your choice of meeting and conference hotel an active participant.

Magic can happen at JANTZENs HOTEL and Bornholm

The relaxed and charming atmosphere at JANTZENs HOTEL, in Gudhjem, and in Bornholm inspires you to unwind, swap your suits for jeans and sneakers, let the facades fall, be together in a more informal way, get to know each other better, discover new perspectives and possibilities, and strengthen the community. It’s almost magical!

Møde gæster stående i gårdhaven
Dobbeltværelse vintage bord, seng og rundkirke maleri

Get it all for yourselves

Here, you can have it all to yourselves. Fill the space without having to consider other guests like in many other conference hotels. Meet as a group and in many smaller groups separately. We can accommodate a maximum of 55 meeting participants in the Green Hall. Contact us, and together we can make your meeting or conference a magical experience.

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Not ‘just’ a meeting hotel

JANTZENs HOTEL’s history dates back to 1872 when it opened as the first hotel in Gudhjem. Imagine what these walls and floors have experienced throughout the years! We cherish the many historical moments and the originality of the building, aiming to preserve them. It is precisely these frames with soul, atmosphere, ambiance, and charm that contribute to making your meeting, course, or conference something truly special.

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Historisk konference hotel
Røgeri Bornholm

Gudhjem & Bornholm

Gudhjem and Bornholm offer a variety of attractions and activities for you and your meeting participants to experience individually or as a united group. We are happy to assist you with suggestions and ideas.

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Meeting and event venues in Gudhjem in Bornholm

The residents of Gudhjem and Bornholm are also warmly welcome at JANTZENs HOTEL – both for everyday visits to JANTZENs Courtyard and for meetings and conferences. Contact us for an offer on your meeting, conference, lecture, or event in Gudhjem at +45 51 82 72 55

Selskabslokale i Gudhjem
Konference ophold forår

Open for your meeting or conference all year round

Every year, we open our doors from early May until the end of September. However, our dream is to keep the cozy boutique conference hotel open throughout the winter season, especially during the beautiful spring, warm autumn, and festive Christmas when Gudhjem and Bornholm showcase their different seasonal sides. Regardless of the time of year you plan to hold your meeting, course, or conference, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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