Gudhjem & Bornholm


Gudhjem is located on the rocky northeastern side of Bornholm and is known as Denmark’s only mountain village, the birthplace of smokehouses, and the gateway to Denmark’s easternmost point: Christiansø and Ertholmene. Here, JANTZENs HOTEL is your ideal home during your stay in Bornholm. A home where you can relax and digest your daily Gudhjem & Bornholm experiences.

Sol over Gudhjem

Gudhjem – and Bornholm – are known for the dish “Sun over Gudhjem,” consisting of rye bread, smoked herring, red onions, egg yolk, and garnished with radishes and chives. That’s why the dish and the town lend their name to the culinary competition and food market held every year at the end of June at Gudhjem harbor. Several of Denmark’s top chefs compete in different culinary disciplines, incorporating ingredients from Bornholm.

Sol over Gudhjem

Sol over Gudhjem
Gudhjem hyggelig gade

Denmark’s only mountain village and archipelago town

This idyllic harbor town is nestled against the mountainside of Bornholm’s northeastern coast. Take a walk through the small picturesque streets and alleys, admire the beautiful houses, terraces, and gardens, explore the local artisans, and enjoy the breathtaking views from various angles along the way. Brøddegade, just outside the hotel, is the town’s main street, known as Brøddan in the local dialect, which amusingly means ‘road down a steep hill’.

Gudhjem Museum

See a map of Gudhjem here.

Smokehouses – the taste of Bornholm

It was here in Gudhjem that local fishermen, back in 1866 – the first on Bornholm – began smoking herring. The new delicacy became so popular that the town at one point housed 100 smokehouses and was called the ‘City of a Hundred Chimneys’. Today, Bornholm has only 10 smokehouses, and one of them can be found at the harbor in Gudhjem.

Gudhjem Smokehouse

Røgeri Bornholm
Christiansø med MS Ertholm fra Gudhjem

Gateway to Christiansø and Ertholmene

From Gudhjem Harbor, just 100 m from the hotel, you can take the small ferry, MS Ertholm, to Denmark’s easternmost islands, Ertholmene, and the sea fortress Christiansø. This group of islands and rocky islets is a fantastic mix of beautiful and rare nature.

Christiansø ferry

Oluf Høst Museum

Visit the home, Norresân, of the famous Bornholm painter just 300 m from the hotel. Experience the beautiful villa and its winter studio, and admire Oluf Høst’s numerous paintings in the very surroundings where they were created. The enchanting garden slopes steeply up towards Bokul, Gudhjem’s Mountain, where you’ll find Oluf Høst’s summer studio. In the 1930s and 40s, Gudhjem, Bornholm, became a center for Danish painters. While Oluf Høst was a native Bornholmer, many artists moved to the town, settled down, and became part of the painting community known as the ‘Bornholm School’.

Oluf Høst Museum

Oluf Høst Museet
Gudhjem Bokul klippen med flagstand og havudsigt

Bokul Cliff

Above the hotel lies Bokul (48 m above sea level), which was a very sacred place in ancient times. It is believed that the name Gudhjem originates from here. At that time, the town was called Gudium, which means the holy place. In the 1930s, artists were everywhere on Bokul. They – including Oluf Høst – stood with their easels in their favorite spots. Today, only the tall flagpole and a bench remain on Bokul Mountain, and the town’s citizens take turns raising and lowering the flag every day.

Bokul Cliff

The Coastal Path

If you have your hiking boots with you, but don’t plan to follow the entire Coastal Path around Bornholm, there are plenty of opportunities to use them in and around the mountain village and on Bornholm in general. Whether on your day trips or if you feel like walking along the coastal path (or parts of it) north and south of the town.

The Coastal Path Gudhjem-Svaneke

The Coastal Path Sandvig-Gudhjem

Helligdomsklipperne Gudhjem

The Sanctuary Cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne)

The entire northern coast of Bornholm is dotted with cliffs, but nowhere is more beautiful than the 20-meter-high Sanctuary Cliffs. Steep and rugged, with deep crevices and caves (remember a flashlight). They can be reached on foot (6 km from Gudhjem, or 200 m + 100 stairs from Bornholm Art Museum in Rø). Alternatively, you can sail along the coast on the over 100-year-old wooden ship MS Thor from Gudhjem Harbor and admire the impressive cliff formations from the water.

MS Thor (only in Danish)

Bornholm Art Museum

If you’re interested in more Bornholm-related art, Bornholm crafts, or modern Danish architecture, Bornholm Art Museum in Rø (6 km north of Gudhjem) is worth a visit. The museum features the Helligdomskilden (Sanctuary Spring), which flows into the Sanctuary Cliffs just behind the hotel. Therefore, the visit can be nicely combined with a walk down (and afterwards up) the 100 stairs between the steep and dramatic cliffs.

Bornholm Art Museum

Bornholms Kunstmuseum Gudhjem
Gudhjem og Bornholm Østerlars Rundkirke

Østerlars Round Church

Another characteristic of Bornholm is its unique round churches, and just 5 km from Gudhjem, you can visit the largest and oldest of the island’s four round churches – Østerlars Round Church. Admire the beautiful frescoes, take a walk beneath the roof structure, notice the separate bell tower, and find out why the church is round.

Østerlars Round Church

Gudhjem Golf Club

One of Denmark’s most spectacular golf courses that winds its way down to the Baltic Sea and back. With a sea view in the first part – hole 4 towards Christiansø – and a technically demanding course through forests and quarries on the last 8 holes.

See more here (only in Danish).

Gudhjem Golf

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You’ve received some of the closest suggestions. However, Gudhjem and Bornholm offer a wealth of attractions – so read more here, where you can filter according to your interests and desires.