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In Gudhjem, you will find the most charming event hotel and event venue at the historic JANTZENs HOTEL. Here, your dreams of truly unforgettable celebrations can come to life, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, confirmation, or any other milestone in life – or if you simply want to gather friends or family for cozy moments in unique and historical surroundings filled with authenticity, atmosphere, and soul.

Parties at event hotels are unforgettable celebrations

When you invite your guests, not only to a party, but to a party with accommodation, you have the opportunity to gather your guests before, during, and after the party. It brings guests closer together, breaks down barriers, allows guests to get to know each other, and creates a completely different and truly unforgettable atmosphere and sense of togetherness. Here with us, you will find a charming event hotel for your celebration.

Skålende gæster i gårdhaven
Holkavej siden med skilt på muren

Rent an entire hotel

Do you want to host your party in a beautiful and cozy place where you have it all to yourselves? Look no further. At the charming JANTZENs HOTEL in Gudhjem, Bornholm, you can host your celebration for a maximum of 55 overnight guests. We call it “rent an entire hotel”. Contact us and let us work together to make your celebration an unforgettable experience at our beautiful event hotel.

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Not just a hotel

JANTZENs HOTEL has a history dating back to 1872 when it opened as the first hotel in Gudhjem. Imagine how many celebrations these walls and floors have witnessed! We cherish and aim to preserve the many historical experiences and the originality of the building. It is precisely these unique qualities of soul, atmosphere, ambiance, and charm that can make your celebration truly special.

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Reception fra gang
Gårdhave med puder i stole og figentræet

JANTZENs Courtyard

Welcome your guests in the charming courtyard and greet them with a drink while you all meet and take in the surroundings: enjoy the flower beds, admire the dramatic cliff wall, take in the overall ambiance, and slowly absorb the many sensory impressions before we check you into your cozy hotel rooms.

The Pavilion

When it’s time for the actual party or celebration, your guests gather for a welcome drink in the beautiful original pavilion with its large, small-paned windows facing the courtyard. This is also where you all come together and enjoy the hotel’s delicious breakfast in the morning.

Fest med overnatning velkomstdrink i pavillonen
Fest i salen

The Green Hall

The hall is beautifully set up and decorated for your specific celebration, and our head chef and staff are ready to provide you and your guests with a fantastic dining experience – ensuring that you, as the host, can relax and enjoy the company.

The cozy hotel rooms

You and your guests will stay in the hotel’s 22 individually designed rooms. The rooms are decorated in a classic and vintage style, and offer either sea views, a glimpse of the sea, or a view of the beautiful courtyard. All rooms have private bathrooms, except for one with a bathroom located just 5 meters down the hallway.

Read more and see the cozy hotel rooms here.

Dobbeltværelse damen på væggen
Gudhjem sejlbåd


Gudhjem offers a variety of attractions and activities that you and your guests can experience individually or as a group. We are more than happy to assist you with suggestions and ideas.

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Event venue in Gudhjem Bornholm

Gudhjem’s residents and the local citizents of Bornholm are also warmly welcome at JANTZENs HOTEL – both for everyday visits to JANTZENs Courtyard and for celebrations and gatherings. Contact us for offers regarding birthdays, weddings, confirmations, and other festivities and get-togethers in JANTZENs event venue in Gudhjem at +45 51 82 72 55

Fest i salen - bord med festlig opdækning
Forår i haven

Open for your celebration or gathering all year round

Every year, we open our doors from early May until the end of September. However, our dream is to keep the cozy boutique hotel and event venue with accommodation open throughout the winter season or parts of it, especially during the beautiful spring, warm autumn, and festive Christmas periods when Gudhjem and Bornholm show their different seasonal sides. Regardless of the time of year you wish to plan your event or celebration, feel free to contact us for an offer.

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Planning a trip for friends or your club

We can help with that too. Gudhjem is the only mountain town in Bornholm and Denmark, offering fantastic challenging terrain for hiking, running, golfing and cycling clubs. Let us assist you in organizing the most amazing trip for your group of friends or club, where you’ll be active during the day and pampered in the authentic and cozy surroundings in the morning and evening.

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